About Denise

Learn more about Founder, Denise Uzzelle

Starting Point's Founder, Denise Uzzelle, brings valuable insights, rich experience, and commitment to helping veterans maintain meaningful jobs in the workplace


Starting Point is pioneering research on veterans in the workplace. In a world where this data is highly coveted, Denise brings unique expertise to the table. Starting Point has partnered with  Syracuse University to publish one of the only pieces of research on the state of veterans in the workplace.


Denise's 12-years leading nationwide recruitment and Human Resources departments nationwide and globally, provide Starting Point with the foundation for success. She has helped over 6,000 people find meaningful jobs across industries including finance, healthcare, and technology. Denise has provided coaching for over 200 managers,giving her the skill set for successful negotiation across both sides of the table. 


Denise recently married a U.S. Army Veteran suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD, offering Denise first-hand insight to how difficult it is from veterans to transition and find employment as a civilian. Her commitment continues beyond her 'day-job' into a passion for understanding veterans in and outside of the workplace. She continues to volunteer and offer support for veterans through her local Veterans of America.

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