Cincinnati Wedding Photographer David Cox answers a few questions you might have.

What's your photography style?

The best photographers anticipate the shot. That's what I'm going for. I will be in the action but out of the way, capturing you and the love-of-your-life in a creative, journalistic way. Of course, when it comes to group shots and family photos, we can be sure they are as traditional (or not) as you like. Visit the Gallery.

What should I expect on the day?

On the day of your wedding, I'll arrive 2-3 hours prior to start photographing everyone getting dressed and ready. When the ceremony begins, I'll be as close as you want, capturing the "I do." and your first kiss as Mr. & Mrs. We'll take the family photos and then I'll steal the two of you away for pictures of the new couple. During the reception, I'll be around to help you remember your first dance and who caught the bouquet.

Be yourself and I'll take it from there, capturing the best in you and the (funny, emotional, ridiculous, sweet, and just sometimes embarrassing) interactions between your family and friends. 

Can I submit a list of photos I want?

To keep the creative juices flowing, I only ask that you come prepared with a shot list for the group and family pictures. 

Do you travel?

Yes! Anything inside a 2 hour drive from Cincinnati is included in every wedding. Beyond that, I may ask for a small travel reimbursement.  Contact me for more details.

When do we pay?

Payment is accepted the day of your wedding and of course any time before. If you prefer to pay by card, I will set up your payment online. Deposits are required at the time of booking. Take a look at our Pricing page.

When will we get our first-look at the pictures?

Generally, in about 4 weeks I'll send you a link to the online gallery with the ability to download all the images. I'll then work with you to choose the photos for your prints and albums. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for teasers!  

Can we or our families order additional prints or albums?  

Yes! Once the photographs are delivered, friends and family can contact me directly for additional prints. 

Do you do engagement sessions (or any other kind of photography)?

I do! Send me a note through the contact form mentioning what you have in mind. Generally these start at $250 and include a small print credit.